iphone vibrates whenever send text

15. prosince 2011 v 9:25

Hi everyone, The silent switch on the side of my iPhone is broken I think because whenever it is switch to silent and it's touched it vibrates and it's kind of annoying.
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How can you switch between text message iphone vibrates whenever send text and iMessage on specific contact iphone 4S. It appears the process is completely automatic and dependant on whether both .
LaunchVibrate - Makes Your Devices Vibrates Whenever You Launch An App
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text volume control iphone. I cannot seem to be able to lower the volume of my texts, which I want to do at night when I lower the ringer volume so I dont get .
IPhone :: Text Messages / Twice Alert Why do I get two

iphone vibrates whenever send text

of the same text messages a few minutes apart? When you go into view, there is only one but the alert will come .
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4 to turn off text sent sound text message has finished sending a little hoot sounds on my new iPhone 3Gs. I can't find anywhere in Settings/Sounds to turn it off .
Someone said: I've been having the same problem and after like a day of two it works and then later it doesn't work and its getting on my nerves because im supposed .
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Best Answer: first go to SETTINGS>>SOUNDS>>>and make sure Vibrate is ON under silent. then from there
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